World Bank Report Addresses Organized Crime’s Links to Illegal Logging

forest burning

A new report from the World Bank sets the record straight on the relationship between illegal loggers and organized crime and offers both policy and operational recommendations. In addition to the environmental devastation of the clear-cutting practices carried out by these loggers, approximately $10-15 billion is generated for organized crime to further corrupt government officials around the world. According to the World Bank, this report “shows how countries can effectively fight illegal logging through the criminal justice system, punish organized crime, and trace and confiscate illegal logging profits”. Entitled, Justice for Forests: Improving Criminal Justice Efforts to Combat Illegal Logging , the report states that “by following the money trail, and using tools developed in more than 170 countries to go after ‘dirty money,’ criminal justice can pursue criminal organizations engaged in large-scale illegal logging and confiscate any ill-gotten gains.” The World Bank has also made available a Press Release and a Fact Sheet .

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