White Houses Releases the National Cyber Strategy

cyber security, electronic encryption, connected with flashing pointsPresident Donald J. Trump has released a National Cyber Strategy that will strengthen the United States defenses against cyber threats. The Strategy emphasizes the Administration’s efforts in defining “how the United States will ensure the American people continue to reap the benefits of a secure cyberspace that reflects our principles, protects our security, and promotes our prosperity.” As the first fully articulated National Cyber Strategy released in 15 years, the document expands on President Trump’s Executive Order “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure,” signed in May 2017. Taking into consideration the continuous growth of cyber-enabled aggression against the United States, the Administration establishes a set of direct actions to address the risks and vulnerabilities in cyberspace.

The Strategy focuses on the following key objectives:

  • To defend the homeland by strengthening American critical networks, systems, functions, and data;
  • To promote American prosperity by protecting cyberspace as a foundation for a secure, thriving digital economy;
  • To preserve peace and security by strengthening the ability of the United States along with its allies and partners to deter and punish cyber aggression; and
  • To extend American influence abroad by supporting and reinforcing values of an open, reliable, and secure Internet.

In advancing these objectives, the Administration provides a number of agency-specific strategies that place cybersecurity at the center of America’s national security and further growth in cybersecurity infrastructure. Equally, the Administration calls for greater accountability in managing cybersecurity risks among the Nation’s departments and agencies. The Administration also places a greater role on the National Security Council in guiding and coordinating the execution of this strategic mission.

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