White House Report on Mental Health Research Priorities

In March 2022, President Biden announced a mental health strategy that focused on three pillars: strengthening system capacity, connecting more Americans to care, and creating healthy environments to promote mental health and well-being. In furthering these goals, the White House has released its Report on Mental Health Research Priorities, a first of its kind report “to outline an Administration-wide set of critical and timely needs and opportunities in mental health research.”

The report describes each of the following research priority areas, including the critical research gaps and opportunities within each area, and highlights illustrative examples of current federal programs that are advancing mental health research:

  1. Advancing equity in promoting mental health and in understanding, preventing, identifying, and treating mental health conditions.
  2. Understanding and leveraging digital mental health interventions.
  3. Supporting and expanding the mental health workforce.
  4. Increasing the availability, quality, and impact of interventions for mental disorders in health care systems, communities, and justice settings.
  5. Integrating substance use and mental health research and treatment.
  6. Developing and improving treatments for serious mental illnesses.
  7. Preventing fatal and non-fatal suicide outcomes.
  8. Supporting youth mental health.

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