White House Report: China’s Strategies for Economic Aggression

yellow cranes in a shipping portAccording to the most recent report by the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (see here), the People’s Republic of China has done little to hide the aggressive nature of the country’s rapid economic growth. As suggested, China’s “stated intent to dominate the industries of the future” is evident in a variety of measures that “that fall outside of global norms and rules.” The report focuses on two categories of economic aggression used to implement Chinese industrial policy. These include:

  • Acquire Key Technologies and Intellectual Property From Other Countries, Including the United States
  • Capture the Emerging High-Technology Industries That Will Drive Future Economic Growth and Many Advancements in the Defense Industry
The report highlights the major acts, policies, and practices, including physical theft through economic espionage, that are used to “threaten not only the U.S. economy, but also the global innovation system as a whole.” In particular, the access to trade secrets and confidential business information provided by company insiders poses a tremendous risk to targeted economies.

In addition, the report provides an Appendix with a compendium of the more than 50 acts, policies, and practices that China uses to further strategies of economic aggression around the world. While the report does not prescribe specific counter policy recommendations, it does substantiate the more aggressive deterrence measurements against Chinese trade.

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