White House Releases National Strategy to Secure 5G

The White House has released the National Strategy to Secure 5G (Strategy) which outlines the United States’ plan for securing its 5G (fifth generation) communications infrastructure as the technology evolves.

Just as businesses and consumers will look to benefit from 5G technology, so too will criminals and foreign adversaries Globe connectionsbe looking to exploit it for their own ends. According to the Strategy,

Criminals and foreign adversaries will seek to steal information transiting the networks for monetary gain and exploit these systems and devices for intelligence collection and surveillance. Adversaries may also disrupt or maliciously modify the public and private services that rely on communications infrastructure. Given these threats, 5G infrastructure must be secure and reliable to maintain information security and address risks to critical infrastructure, public health and safety, and economic and national security.

The Strategy does not go into specifics, but presents a very high-level overview centering around four lines of effort the U.S. will follow to achieve its goals:

  1. Facilitate Domestic 5G Rollout
  2. Assess Risks to & Identify Core Security Principles of 5G Infrastructure
  3. Address Risks to United States Economic and National Security During Development and Deployment of 5G Infrastructure Worldwide
  4. Promote Responsible Global Development and Deployment of 5G

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