What Would Happen Should Terrorists Attack the Supreme Court?

 Supreme Court Building DC The third in its series of reports on “Preserving Our Institutions” the Continuity of Government Commission examines the scenario should terrorist attack the Supreme Court. “The purpose of this paper is to lay out some of the difficulties that would follow an attack on the Court and make recommendations for reforms that would allow us to reconstitute the Court under some of the most difficult circumstances.” The report is concerned that there is no plan for succession of justices should an attack kill all the members of the Court or if more than three members our killed and is short of the statutory quorum as laid out in the U.S. Code. The report lists what tools are available today to reconstitute a decimated Supreme Court, but suggests that they might not be adequate for all circumstances. The report reflects heavily on the idea that there stands a possibility that the President of the United States could appoint all nine justices that maybe ideologically similar to himself who could stay on the Court for generations.

The Continuity of Government Commission has reports available on the continuity of the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch.

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