What Are You Afraid Of?

Really, though… What are you afraid of? According to this year’s Survey of American Fears by Chapman University’s Babbie Research Center, it’s probably a corrupt government. Fear of ‘Corrupt Government Officials’ is the top fear among Americans for the second year in a row, with a nearly 25% increase over last year. According to the 10 fears of which most Americans listed as being afraid or very afraid, we’re worried about our government, healthcare, the environment, and war.

  1. Corrupt Government Officials                                             74.5
  2. American Healthcare Act/Trumpcare                             55.3
  3. Pollution of Oceans, Rivers and Lakes                             53.1
  4. Pollution of Drinking Water                                                  50.4
  5. Not having enough money for the future                      50.2
  6. High Medical Bills                                                                        48.4
  7. The US will be involved in another World War          48.4
  8. Global Warming & Climate Change                                  48
  9. North Korea using weapons                                                 47.5
  10. Air Pollution                                                                                   44.9

Last year, 37.1% of Americans were afraid or very afraid of identity theft, and that number rose only slightly to 41.9% this year. Considering the survey was conducted from June 28 – July 7, 2017, one might assume a much larger percentage would fear identity theft after nearly 45% of Americans potentially had their credit information exposed with the Equifax breach.

More closely on the topic of homeland security, Chapman found that Americans have “outdated, dangerous” knowledge of modern disaster preparedness. While 48% of Americans fear a nuclear strike, 70% of Americans are most familiar with the Cold War-era ‘duck and cover’ guidance. 20-25% of Americans are afraid or very afraid of a natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake; but only 41% have a disaster plan in place. Luckily, 92% of us know to “stop, drop, and roll,” so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

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