Vulnerable US and Canadian Electrical Grids: A Strategy for Action

The United States and Canada have issued a Joint Strategy for coordinating efforts to protect their electrical grids. With cyber-attacks on the rise and infrastructure becoming increasingly interconnected with the internet, the need to protect against current and future vulnerabilities has become a pressing issue. This strategy outlines specific milestones intended to ensure that the electrical grids of both nations can continue to serve those who depend on them in the face of adversarial, climate change, and other dangers.

The Joint United States-Canada Electric Grid Security and Resilience Strategy states three primary goals:

  • Protect Today’s Electric Grid and Enhance Preparedness
  • Manage Contingencies and Enhance Response and Recovery Efforts
  • Build a More Secure and Resilient Future Electric Grid

The strategy does not constitute any binding agreement between the two nations under international law. Instead, it will be implemented by both nations in accordance with their respective Action Plans, jurisdictional authorities, and serve as a guide for stakeholders to pursue shared goals.

You can find the strategy here on the HSDL. See the White House official fact sheet press release here.