Violent Islamist Extremism in 2017

Muslim militant with black fabric obscuring his head and face can be seen facing away. A rifle is draped over his shoulder.The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change released a report titled Global Extremism Monitor: Violent Islamist Extremism in 2017. This monitor analyzed 27,092 incidents of violent Islamist extremism on a global level. The study states, “at least 84,023 people in 66 countries died during the year because of this problem.”

Key findings from the report:

  • Violent Islamist extremism is a global problem.
  • Intentional attacks on civilians killed at least 6,310 people in 2017.
  • Five of the ten deadliest countries are very fragile states, and four are outside major conflict zones.
  • Muslims, more than anyone else, are the most frequent victims of violent Islamist extremist
  • Sectarianism mobilises the deadliest and most active groups.
  • Executions and suicide attacks are tactics shared by Islamist extremist groups.
  • Many women plot and orchestrate deadly attacks targeting civilians.
  • Syria remains the epicentre for violent extremism.

In releasing this report, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change hopes to bring more awareness to the growing threat of violent extremism. Trying to prevent this problem with force is not the only, nor most effective, way. They suggest that addressing poverty, improving education, and ensuring that people are not drawn to a pernicious ideology will also help fight back against this global issue.

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