Vaccines National Strategic Plan for the United States

The Department of Health and Human Services has recently released the Vaccines National Strategic Plan: 2021-2025. Building on the 2010 National Vaccine Plan, this newly released plan “articulates a comprehensive strategy to promote vaccines and vaccination including research and development, vaccine safety monitoring, increase public knowledge and confidence in vaccines, increase access and use of recommended vaccines across the lifespan, and global cooperation.”

Shows syringe extracting random vaccine from medical vial.The plan is designed around five overarching goals:

  • Goal 1: Foster innovation in vaccine development and related technologies
  • Goal 2: Maintain the highest levels of vaccine safety
  • Goal 3: Increase knowledge of and confidence in routinely recommended vaccines
  • Goal 4: Increase access to and use of all routinely recommended vaccines
  • Goal 5: Protect the health of the nation by supporting global immunization efforts

All five goals are accompanied by a list of objectives and strategies associated with achieving each goal; all of which are driving towards the plan’s singular vision: “The United States will be a place where vaccine-preventable diseases are eliminated through safe and effective vaccination over the lifespan.”

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