Vaccine Requirements: Report from the White House

A newly published report from the White House discusses how vaccine requirements in the United States are protecting Americans and strengthening the economy.  Since the start of the year, the number of vaccinated individuals is up to 185 million – comprising 78% of adult Americans – a large jump up from the 2 million who were already vaccinated when Biden took office. While this is encouraging progress, the report notes that the “strain on our hospital systems, our economy, and the risk to our children was too great” to not take further action as demand for vaccines in the U.S. slowed. As part of President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan, vaccine requirements are estimated to “cover approximately 100 million people.”

The report provides more background information on the history of vaccine requirements in the United States, going as far back as George Washington mandating Continental soldiers be vaccinated for Smallpox.  It also provides an example study of how counties in California that mandated flu vaccinations for health care workers resulted in a reduction of the “number of inpatient influenza diagnoses by 20%.”

More in-depth analysis is also provided on the following sectors: Health care, Corporate and Public Industries, and Education.  The report concludes with a discussion of American’s opinions on the vaccination requirements, revealing that a majority are supportive of the requirements.

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