White House Roadmap: Using Nature to Fight Climate Change

The Biden-Harris Administration announced the release of a “Nature-Based Solutions Roadmap,” a report to the National Climate Task Force prepared by the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

This report discusses how the best bet at mitigating and reversing the effects of global climate change is to use nature to restore balance and capture carbon dioxide. “Solutions include protection or conservation of natural areas, reforestation, restoration of marshes or other habitats, or sustainable management of farms, fisheries, forests, or other resources.” The report discusses several challenges and roadblocks for accomplishing this goal, and presents five strategic recommendations to:

      1. Update Policies;
      2. Unlock Funding;
      3. Lead with Federal Facilities and Assets;
      4. Train the Workforce; and
      5. Prioritize Research, Innovation, Knowledge, and Adaptive Learning.

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