U.S.-Latin America Relations: A New Direction for a New Reality

CFR’s Independent Task Force Report No.60
“This Task Force report takes stock of the current situation in Latin America, and the main challenges and opportunities for U.S.-Latin America relations. Latin America has benefited greatly in recent years from democratic opening, stable economic policies, and increasing growth. Many countries are taking advantage of these developments to consolidate democratic institutions, broaden economic opportunities, and better serve their citizens. Yet Latin American nations face daunting challenges as they integrate into global markets and work to strengthen historically weak state institutions. See News Report

These challenges increasingly matter for the United States, as deepening economic and social ties link U.S. well-being to the region’s stability and development. Rather than an exhaustive study of U.S.-Latin America relations and policies, this report does not reprise many long-standing initiatives or the intricacies of each bilateral relationship. Nor, given Latin America’s complexity and level of development, does it seek to define the entire U.S. approach with one overarching grand idea. Instead, the Task Force identifies four critical issues and four strategic relationships that merit special attention at this point in time. Poverty and inequality, public security, human mobility, and energy security represent fundamental challenges and opportunities for the region and for U.S.-Latin America relations.”

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