Updated Report on DHS’s Major Management Challenges


Major Management Challenges Facing the Department of Homeland Security [November 2011]

This updated report is one of a series of audit, inspection, and special reports that are prepared by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG). Part of the oversight responsibilities of the OIG is to promote “economy, efficiency, and effectiveness within the Department.”

The DHS is tasked with securing the nation against a range of threats. According to the report “the DHS has made progress in coalescing into an effective organization, as well as addressing its key mission areas to secure our nation’s borers, increase our readiness and resiliency in the face of a terrorist threat of a natural disaster, and implement increased levels of security in our transportation systems and trade operations.”

The report highlights the following challenges facing DHS:

• “Acquisition Management
• Information Technology Management
• Emergency Management
• Grants Management
• Financial Management
• Infrastructure Protection
• Border Security
• Transportation Security
• Trade Operations and Security”

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