United Nations Releases Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction for 2019

arid earth with a dried out treeRecently the United Nations for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) released their Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2019. Due to our economic and environmental activities has gotten us to this position. There are also suggestions on how we can slow down this amendable fate.

The report  follows the Sendai Framework and, “traces how a shared global policy commitment has emerged from the idea of managing disasters and seeking to mainstream DRR [Disaster Risk Reduction], to an approach of managing the wider risks embedded in our social, economic and environmental activity.”

This report goes into detail on how we as a society can do better in protecting the plant. A few suggestion given by the UNDRR are:

  • Recognizing drought as a complex hazard.
  • Obtaining regional support and national enabling environments for integrated risk reduction.
  • Create local disaster risk reduction strategies and plans in urban areas.
  • Integration between disaster risk reduction and national climate change adaptation strategies and plans.
  • Adopt a risk reduction mindset and enact political changes.

The report is broken into three main parts. Part I: The Sendai Framework’s Broadened View of the World’s Risk, Part II: Implementation of the Sendai Framework and Disaster Risk-informed Sustainable Development, and Part III: Creating the National and Local Conditions to manage Risk.

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