U.S. National Space Policy Released


People working in a control room during rocket launchThe Office of the White House has released the National Space Policy of the United States of America, a document outlining U.S. goals and guidelines for future space operations. The overarching message of the policy is to improve and solidify the U.S. presence in space via economic, diplomatic, and technological means. Several key initiatives must be effectively implemented to support these future goals, including strategies for investments in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs, expanding cooperation with commercial entities,  enhancing “Space-based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Systems,” fostering international cooperation, developing sufficient export policies, developing “space nuclear power and propulsion (SNPP) systems,” protecting “access to, and operation in, the electromagnetic spectrum,” and developing cybersecurity measures.

Guidelines have also been set forth for commercial, civil, and national security sectors. Commercial entities are encouraged to foster economic development while adhering to United States Trade Representative requirements, newly developed “space collision warning measures,” and space operation standards. The focus of civil sector entities is to foster “an innovative and sustainable program of scientific discovery, technology development, and space exploration[.]” Finally, national security agencies are tasked with not only defending U.S. access to space, but also with protecting allied nation’s interests as well as deterring any hostile actions. According to the policy, “heads of all executive departments and agencies (agencies), consistent with their respective missions and authorities, shall execute the guidance[.]”



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