Twenty-Third Indicators of School Crime and Safety Report Released

The National Center for Education Statistics has released Report on Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2020, the 23rd edition of the publication. The report is intended to serve as “a reference for policymakers and practitioners so that they can develop effective programs and policies aimed at violence and school crime prevention.” According to the document’s findings “several crime and safety issues have become less prevalent at school throughout the last decade.” However some issues, including reports of being threatened or injured with a weapon, and being offered, sold, or given an illegal drug were unchanged or more prevalent in 2019.  

Using a number of federally supported data sources, the report provides both a written summary and graphical representation of the following topics:  

  • Violent Deaths and School Shootings 
  • Criminal Victimization Experienced by Students 
  • Student Reports of Bullying Victimization 
  • Incidents and Discipline Problems Reported by Public Schools 
  • Gangs and Hate-Related Speech 
  • Fights, Weapons, and Illegal Substances 
  • Student Perceptions of School Safety 
  • Teacher Reports of Victimization and School Order 
  • Discipline, Safety, and Security Practices 
  • Postsecondary Campus Safety and Security 

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