TSA Releases Roadmap for Tackling Insider Threats

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released the Insider Threat Roadmap 2020 (Roadmap), which outlines TSA’s approach to to counter insider threats in the Transportation Systems Sector (TSS).

An insider threat is defined as:TSA Uniform and badge

an individual with authorized access to sensitive areas and/or information, will wittingly or unwittingly misuse or allow others to misuse this access to exploit vulnerabilities in an effort to compromise security, facilitate criminal activity, terrorism, or other illicit actions that inflict harm to people, organizations, the transportation system, or national security.

Detecting, deterring, and mitigating risks associated with theses types of threats are the central priorities laid out in the Roadmap. More specifically, the end objective is to require TSA to align its policies and processes with the Roadmap’s three main focuses:

  1. Promote meaningful data-driven decision making to detect threats
  2. Advance operational capability to deter threats
  3. Mature the capability of the Transportation Systems Sector to mitigate threats

More resources on Insider Threats and Threats to Transportation Security can be found at the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL).

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