Trouncing the Triple Threat: Promoting Psychological Health with Fact Sheets on Disaster, Disease and Distress

The Uniformed Services University has collected resources to promote psychological health. These resources are intended for civilian and military communities. This compilation, titled “Disaster, Disease and Distress: Resources to Promote Psychological Health and Resilience in Military and Civilian Communities“, is meant to address the psychological impact of traumatic events. From war and terrorism to natural disasters, the Uniformed Services University hopes to educate civilians, military personnel, and health care professionals during times of crisis.

The document is split into four sections. The first section, Caring for Our Nation’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines: The Role of Medical and Social Service Providers, includes military-specific health information. From physical trauma to psychological trauma stemming from war and warfare, this section covers topics that are often overlooked, including the emotional impact of conflict.

Section two covers health care issues for military families. With many military families separated for long periods of time, Military Family Health covers issues related to single parenting, protecting against the health impacts of regular moves, and advice for reintegration and relationship struggles that come with a return from deployment.

Section three, Disasters: Leadership, Response and Care, focuses on helping first responders get the help they need after exposure to traumatic experiences.

Special Populations addresses law enforcement, teachers, and more who might face distressing experiences in their line of work or at home.

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