Transforming DoD’s IT Strategy

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has released a report outlining a roadmap to improve how information technology aligns with the Department’s priorities. Fulcrum: The Department of Defense Information Technology Advancement Strategy features the DoD Chief Information Officer’s (DoD CIO) IT goals for Fiscal Years 2025-2029. The IT advancement strategy presented in this report intends to accelerate digital modernization for the warfighter.

Guided by the CIO’s mission, “connect, protect, and perform,” the strategy is guided by four lines of effort:

  1. Provide joint warfighting IT capabilities;
  2. Modernize information networks and compute;
  3. Optimize IT governance; and
  4. Cultivate a premier digital workforce.

Fulcrum’s detailed implementation plan maps out what the DoD needs to accomplish in advancing IT for the warfighter. The report emphasizes the importance of working in partnership across the Department to fully achieve these outcomes. In addition, the CIO plans on establishing a governance forum to regularly oversee the priorities of this strategy, monitor progress, and direct resources that contribute to the targeted outcomes.

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