Trafficking in Persons Report 2016

The State Department released their yearly Trafficking In Persons Report (TIP Report) for 2016. Secretary of State John Kerry asks, “We should be asking ourselves-what if that victim of trafficking was my daughter, son, sister, or brother? This year’s TIP Report asks such questions, because ending modern slavery isn’t just a fight we should attempt—it is a fight we can and must win. The TIP Report is the product of a yearlong effort requiring contributions and follow-up from employees in the United States and at our diplomatic outposts across the globe, host country governments, and civil society. The purpose of this Report is to enlighten, energize, and empower. That’s why it incorporates the insights of NGOs [Non-governmental organizations], advocates, and survivors with firsthand experience of this horrific crime. By issuing it, we want to bring to the public’s attention the full nature and scope of the $150 billion illicit human trafficking industry. We want to provide evidence and facts that will help people who are already working to achieve reforms and alleviate suffering. And we want to provide a strong incentive for governments at every level to do all they can to prevent and prosecute trafficking, identify and support victims, and shield at-risk populations.”