Tracking Gun Violence in America (2019)

The Black automatic assault rifle against a colorful background riddled with bullet holes while the red section of the background "bleeds"Gun Violence Archive, an online database started in 2013, compiles information on gun violence and provides up-to-date statistics on all gun-related incidents in the United States (omitting suicide).

A real-time, quick-access chart on the homepage includes links to total number of incidents (33,510 as of August 7, 2019), number of deaths, number of injuries, number of children and teens killed, mass shooting information, officer-involved incidents, home invasion statistics, defensive shooting incidents, and unintentional shootings. Each feature links to detailed reports, sources, and maps from the relative category.

More detailed sections of the website include links to a variety of maps which indicate the location of each event, a running list of incidents that have occurred in the past 72 hours, and links to analysis and opinion reports from varying sources. Local statistics are available under “Congressional Reports,” which features a search component for each state’s gun violence events with interactive categories by district, plus contact information for each district’s senators and representatives.

The site also archives all gun violence data in easy-to-read, interactive charts from previous years, going back to 2014.

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