Now You Can Easily Track U.S. Wildfires with Esri’s New App

two firefighters putting out large fire

Wildfire season, which usually peaks in late summer and early fall—at least along the West Coast—has been lengthening in recent years, likely due to climate change-induced weather pattern changes. As Cecile Juliette, public information officer of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, told ABC News, “[Now] our fires are extending all the way through December and then into January. So it’s not really accurate to call it a fire season…It’s really now more of a fire year.”

To help track the increasing amount of wildfires in the United States, Esri has created a new browser app, Wildfire Aware, which provides information about the current status and potential impact of wildfire incidents across the country.

The app integrates data from 22 different agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NASA, the National Weather Service, and the National Interagency Fire Center. By layering all of the data within its app, Wildfire Aware makes it easy for users to access a slew of information at the same time. People can zoom into the interactive map to see fires by location and can also check for thermal hot spots, air quality, current weather conditions, and population density. Furthermore, side-by-side trackers for each wildfire show how long the fire has been burning, how much acreage it has burned, how many personnel have been deployed, and what percent contained it is, as well as other ecological data about the area, such as landform type, biodiversity, and critical habitat designation.

Explore the new app here.

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