Top Ten Global Challenges Facing the G20

The Council of Councils (CoC), a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) initiative, has released its 2019 Report Card on International Cooperation generally focused on the performances of the Group of Twenty (G20).

The CoC is a group of foreign policy institutes from 24 countries, who were asked to prioritize the top global challenges and rank the results 1-10, as well as assign each challenge a letter grade, A-F. Each institution was also provided with the opportunity to submit written comments along with the grades on each category.

The categories, in ranked order from most important (1) to least important (10), include:

  1. Mitigating and adapting to climate change
  2. Managing the global economy
  3. Blue map of the world with flags representing the members of the Group of 20Preventing nuclear proliferation
  4. Preventing and responding to violent conflict between states
  5. Preventing and responding to internal violent conflict
  6. Managing cyber governance
  7. Expanding global trade
  8. Combating transnational terrorism
  9. Advancing development
  10. Promoting global health

The grades and comments can be viewed via the 2019 Report Card.

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