Middle Tennessee Tornadoes

Putnam Co., TN tornado damage

Middle Tennessee Tornadoes

March 3, 2020:

Storms began  late on March 2, 2020 and into the early morning hours on March 3rd. Within that time, seven tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee, with the strongest tornado at an EF-4 tearing across central Putnam County.  The storms claimed the lives of dozens of people and left hundreds more injured. “Assessments were still underway, but damages at John Ct. Tune Airport in West Nashville alone were expected to reach $93 million, according to the Tennessean” (Weather.com).

Confirmed tornado strengths and where they hit (National Weather Service):

  • Camden/Waverly; Benton and Humphreys counties: EF-2 (125 mph winds)–1 fatality
  • McEwen; Humphreys county: EF-0 (80 mph winds)
  • Nashville area; Davidson, Wilson, and Smith counties: EF-3 (165 mph winds)– 6 fatalities
  • Buffalo Valley; Smith and Putnam counties: EF-0 (75 mph winds)
  • Baxter/Cookeville; Putnam county: EF-4 (175 mph winds)–18 fatalities
  • Goffton; Putnam county: EF-0 (75 mph winds)
  • Rinnie; Cumberland county: EF-0 (85 mph winds)


25 fatalities; >300 injured

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Photo: Putnam County Damage from NWS Storm Survey | Credit: National Weather Service

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