Flint Water Crisis

Flint Water Crisis

April 2014:

The city of Flint, MI switched its water source from Lake Huron to Flint River. For months, state officials maintained the water was safe to drink, however, a series of independent studies found high levels of lead in the water. Flint residents grew ill, lost hair, developed rashes, and contracted other health issues, including an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease (a severe form of pneumonia). A state of emergency was called by the Federal Government in 2016.—(DHS)


  • 12 fatalities due to Legionnaires’ disease
  • $97 million settlement

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Photo: Staff Sgt. Kendall Iverson, 78th Security Forces Squadron flight chief, hands a case of water to entry controllers Airmen First Class Shaquan Roberts and Aleia Moss, Feb 25, 2016. The unit collected five tons of bottled water to help Flint residents with their water crisis. (Credit: Ray Crayton/ USAF)

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