“Amerithrax” Anthrax Attacks

“Amerithrax” Anthrax Attacks Categories: 09-September, Biological, Terrorism Timelines: Attacks

Laboratory technician holding the anthrax-laced letter addressed to Senator Leahy after safely opening it at the U.S. Army’s Fort Detrick bio-medical research laboratory in November 2001 (Credit: FBI)

September 18, 2001:

“Soon after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, letters laced with anthrax began appearing in the U.S. mail. Five Americans were killed and 17 were sickened in what became the worst biological attacks in U.S. history. The ensuing investigation by the FBI and its partners — code-named ‘Amerithrax’ — has been one of the largest and most complex in the history of law enforcement.” — FBI

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