US Embassy Bombing, Beirut

US Embassy Bombing, Beirut

A suicide bomber crashes a truck into the front of the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon before detonating approximately 2,000 pounds of explosives. A Multinational Force composed of U.S. and European military personnel, entered Lebanon to help the Lebanese government maintain stability during the third phase of the Lebanese Civil War, and was met with backlash among extremist groups, namely the  Lebanese Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad Organization. The Islamic Jihad Organization later claimed responsibility for the bombing. —(CIA)

Date of event: April 18, 1983


  • 63 fatalities (including 17 Americans)
  • Approximately 120 injured

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Photo: (Credit: US Army) A view of damages to the U.S. Embassy caused by a terrorist bomb attack. Marines are here participating as members of a multinational peacekeeping force.

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