US Embassy Annex Bombing, Beirut

US Embassy Annex Bombing, Beirut

September 20, 1984, just over a year after the 1983 US Embassy attack, after the United States had relocated embassy operations from West Beirut to Aukar, a Christian suburb of East Beirut, a suicide bomber sped towards the entrance with a van packed with 3,000 pounds of explosives. The driver was shot before reaching his target and lost control, but the vehicle detonated after striking a parked van. The resulting explosion destroyed the front of the embassy, with Hezbollah claiming responsibility under the cover name of the Islamic Jihad Organization.—(US Army CGSC)

Date of event: September 20, 1984


  • 23 fatalities (2 Americans included)
  • Approximate 60 injured

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Photo: (Credit: Nancy Wong) US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon (Christian east side) in September, 1984 after a truck bomb

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