City of Oakland Ransomware Attack

Close up of a person using a laptop computer with graphic warning sign saying "system hacked"

City of Oakland Ransomware Attack

In early 2023, the City of Oakland reported a cybersecurity incident affecting information technology (IT) systems and resulting in a data breach. According to their press release on August 17, 2023, full recovery of all city systems and operations was achieved by May 2023. Mailed notifications to citizens possibly impacted by the incident were sent out in August of 2023. For more details, please visit the Oakland City website.

Date of event: February 8, 2023


  • The City of Oakland declared a state of emergency (Malwarebytes)
  • 22 million people affected by the breach (The Oaklandside)
  • Oakland Police Officers’ Association filed a compensation claim with city (CBS News)
  • Over 600 gigabytes of confidential information published on the dark web (The Oaklandside)

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