New Madrid, Missouri Earthquakes

New Madrid, Missouri Earthquakes

The 1811-1812 New Madrid Sequence consisted of three large earthquakes: A Magnitude 7.5 earthquake that struck on December 15, 1811; a magnitude 7.3 that struck on January 23, 1812; and a magnitude 7.5 that struck on February 7, 1812. Following the earthquakes, hundreds of aftershocks were felt in 1813. There was approximately 600,000km^2 of damage and an area as large as 5,000,000km^2 where the earthquakes could be felt. —(USGS)

Date of event: December 15, 1811


  • If the same event were to happen today, estimated loss  would be approximately $300 billion and possibility of 3,500+ fatalities. —(Mid-America Earthquake Center)

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Photo: (Credit: USGS) Drawing of New Madrid Earthquake.

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