Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

“Superstorm Sandy” formed off a tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea. It would end up killing 233 people over the span of eight countries, with 159 deaths in the U.S. alone (See: Hurricane Sandy mortality in the Caribbean and continental North America ). “Sandy’s impact on major population centers caused widespread interruption to critical water / electrical services. […] Sandy also caused the New York Stock Exchange to close for two consecutive business days, which last happened in 1888 due to a major winter storm.” — NOAA: Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters

Date of event: October 22, 2013


  • Estimated Cost: $70.2 billion
  • Deaths: 159 (U.S. only); 233 (total)

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Photo: Hurricane Sandy causing extreme beach conditions at Myrtle Beach, USA on October 27, 2012

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