Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse

The MV Dali is underneath the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge. Cranes and shipping containers are also present.

Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse

At approximately 1:30am Eastern Daylight Time, the cargo ship Dali reportedly lost power before crashing into a support tower of Baltimore, Maryland’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, a segment of Interstate 695 that spans over the Patapsco shipping channel into the harbor. The crash caused the bridge to collapse in several places. 

The ship’s crew was able to issue a mayday call before impact, which allowed authorities to limit vehicle traffic on the bridge. However, a pothole repair crew was working on the bridge at the time of the crash. Six maintenance workers were initially reported missing and are presumed dead. Two people were rescued from the water, with one having significant injuries. Of the 23 crewmembers aboard the Dali, none sustained injury (Associated Press News). 

The US Coast Guard has classified this incident as a major marine casualty and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating (NTSB). 

Date of event: March 26, 2024


  • 1 injury, 6 fatalities 
  • The Port of Baltimore could lose an estimated $15 million per day while closed and nearly 20,000 direct jobs have been impacted (Baltimore Sun) 
  • Highway traffic could be rerouted through the Baltimore Harbor or Fort McHenry Tunnels or on Interstate 695 to the north of Baltimore City, although some larger trucks are not permitted in certain tunnels (Congressional Research Service) 

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Photo Credit: Andrew Leyden via Shutterstock

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