Christopher Dorner Shootings and Manhunt

Christopher Dorner Shootings and Manhunt

“The greater Los Angeles area faced an unprecedented nine-day manhunt in February 2013 for a particularly dangerous multiple-murder suspect named Christopher Dorner. A highly armed former LAPD officer who began his rampage by allegedly murdering a couple in the city of Irvine on February 3, Dorner explicitly vowed to continue targeting and killing members of the greater law enforcement community to avenge his perceived defamation and discrimination by members of that agency.”  — ‘It is Not Just a Press Conference’

The incident which left four dead and several wounded, crossed multiple counties and involved law enforcement from multiple jurisdictions. It was distinguished from other similarly critical incidents by the speed and focus of the escalation of the attacks, the varied geography (city to mountain) and environmental challenges (blizzard), and the overwhelming media coverage (news and social media).

Date of event: February 3-12, 2013

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