Charlottesville Rally Protest

A grey car drives into a crowd of protesters carrying colorful signs, sending two men airborne while onlookers rush to the scene

Charlottesville Rally Protest

On August 12 a planned Unite the Right rally was scheduled to take place in Charlottesville, VA. On August 11, before the rally, hundreds of White nationalists, White supremacists, Klansmen, and neo-Nazi demonstrators marched and violently engaged with counter-protesters at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. On August 12, the day of the demonstration, hundreds of protesters and counter-protesters gathered in Emancipation Park, where James Alex Fields Jr., a neo-Nazi sympathizer, rammed his car into the crowd of counter-protesters.  He fled the scene, but was later arrested and charged with second degree murder, 3 counts of malicious wounding, and 1 count of hit and run. —(CRS)

Date of event: August 12, 2017


  • 1 fatality
  • 19 injured

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