Austin Serial Bombings

Austin Serial Bombings

Over the course of nearly a month, a series of package bombs exploded around the Austin, TX area. The first three bombs were placed at private residences, the next was a tripwire-activated bomb near a road in Travis County, the next two were delivered to two separate FedEx Ground facilities, and the final two were near Interstate 35 Frontage Road. Austin police worked together with the FBI and ATF to investigate a connection between the bombings, until finally narrowing in on suspect Mark Anthony Conditt, who had made purchases of items that could be used to make homemade bombs. Conditt was identified on security videotape at the FedEx store in Sunset Valley, where he had shipped two explosive devices, and moved to arrest him. However, before the SWAT team could make contact, Conditt detonated a bomb inside his vehicle, killing himself.—(Austin Serial Bombings)

Date of event: March 2-21, 2008


  • 3 fatalities (including bomber)
  • 6 injured

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