Aurora, Illinois Shooting

Aurora, Illinois Shooting

Not long after 13:00, Gary Montez Martin, a disgruntled former-employee of manufacturing company Henry Pratt, “opened fire during a meeting to terminate his employment at the company, authorities have said” (Chicago Tribune). The first emergency call was received at 13:24, and by 13:30, officers were moving into the building. Four officers were shot upon entering, and later a fifth would be shot, though no officers were killed. After an hour and a half and an exchange of gunfire, the gunman was shot and killed by police.

Martin held a previous felony conviction of aggravated assault in 1995 in Mississippi. In 2014 he was issued a firearm owner’s identification (FOID) card in Illinois, and purchased a handgun. During a concealed-carry permit background check his felony was discovered and his application was rejected. Martin was told to voluntarily relinquish his firearm, however, he somehow maintained possession of the handgun. Authorities are investigating the reason his gun was not confiscated. (CNN)

Date of event: February 15, 2019


  • 5 fatalities (not including gunman)
  • 6 non-fatal injuries

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