Timeline of Homeland Security Events and Milestones


Hurricane Harvey

(Credit: 1st Lt. Allegra Boutch)

August 25, 2017: “Harvey” made landfall as a category 4 hurricane near Rockport, Texas causing widespread damage. Extreme rainfall produced historic flooding across Houston and surrounding areas.

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Charlottesville Rally Protest

(Credit: Brennan Gilmore/wikicommons user)

August 11-12, 2017: Prior to an Alt-Right rally,  a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters, killing one person and injuring 19 more.

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Western/Southeast Wildfires – Summer/Fall 2016

Widlfire, Great Smoky Mountains - NPS

(Credit: National Park Service)

June-December 2016: Drought conditions contributed to an active wildfire season with over 5.0 million acres burned nationally. A devastating firestorm impacted Gatlinburg, Tennessee when hurricane-force wind gusts in extremely dry conditions created volatile wildfire behavior.

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Western and Alaskan Wildfires – Summer/Fall 2015

Sockeye Wildfire, Alaska 2015

(Credit: CDC)

June-November 2015: Wildfires burned over 10.1 million acres across the U.S. in 2015, surpassing 2006 for the highest annual total of U.S. acreage burned since record-keeping began in 1960.

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South Napa, CA Earthquake

(Credit: Erol Kalkan/ US Geological Survey)

August 24, 2014: A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit in South Napa, California. It was the largest earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area in 25 years.

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Sikh Temple Shooting

August 5, 2012: Wade Michael Page began shooting outside the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Six people were killed; four were wounded, including one police officer.
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2012 U.S. Drought/Heatwave

January-December 2012: The 2012 drought is the most extensive drought to affect the U.S. since the 1930s. Moderate to extreme drought conditions affected more than half the country for a majority of 2012.

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9/11 Commission Act of 2007


I-35 Bridge Collapse

(Credit: Clindberg/Flikr user)

August 1, 2007: The Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis, MN collapses into the river with no warning. Approximately 120 vehicles went down with the 40-year old bridge, including a school bus full of children.

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Western Wildfires – Summer 2007

(Credit: NASA)

June-August 2007: Drought conditions and high winds over much of the western U.S. resulted in numerous wildfires. National acreage burned exceeded 8.9 million acres, and over 3,000 homes and structures were destroyed in southern California alone.

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Hurricane Katrina

(Credit: Lt Cdr. Mark Moran, NOAA Corps)

August 25-31, 2005: Hurricane Katrina created a path of destruction across southern Florida, and caused devastation into parts of southeast Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

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US Embassy Bombings, East Africa

(Credit: USDS)

August 7, 1998: Bombs detonated in front of two American embassies; one in Nairobi, Kenya and the other in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Hurricane Andrew

Dade Co., Florida damage. /Credit: Bob Epstein,FEMA

August 26, 1992: The Category 5 hurricane caused severe damage to Louisiana, the Bahamas, and the southern part of Florida, with the majority of damage caused by extremely high winds.

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1988 U.S. Drought/Heatwave

June-August 1988: A drought across a large portion of the U.S. resulted in very severe losses to agriculture and related industries. Combined direct and indirect deaths due to heat stress were estimated at 5,000.

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1980 US Heat Wave

June-September 1980: Beginning in June and stretching until mid-September, the 1980 US Heat Wave was a period of intense heat and drought that plagued the central and eastern United States and caused billions in damage.

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