9/11 Commission Act of 2007

9/11 Commission Act of 2007

Public Law 110-53: Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 is signed into law. The “9/11 Commission Act” addresses a wide range of the Department’s missions, including cargo security, critical infrastructure protection, grant administration, intelligence and information sharing, privacy, and transportation security. — Dept. of Homeland Security

The Act amended section 1016 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) and amended the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to expand and further refine the scope of the Information Sharing Environment (ISE), [and] required the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in consultation with the Attorney General, to establish guidelines for fusion centers. — Dept. of Justice

Date of event: August 3, 2007

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