2023 Tornado Season

2023 Tornado Season

According to NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, preliminary data shows that 517 tornadoes have occurred in the United States through April 2023. Tornadoes with ratings from EFU (Enhanced Fujita Scale Unknown) to EF-4 have affected 20 states, including the rare touchdown of an EF-1 tornado in a city just southeast of Los Angeles, California. Peak winds of that Montebello, CA event reached an estimated 110 mph and is the strongest tornado to hit Los Angeles County since 1983.  

2023 is on pace to be record-making with tornadoes regularly exceeding average distances upon touchdown and responsible for over 60 fatalities thus far. On March 24, an EF-4 tornado wreaked havoc along 170 miles in Mississippi, killing at least 21 people and leaving communities in states of catastrophe. 

Date of event: January 12, 2023- April 2023


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