2022 Wildfires

2022 Wildfires

As of September 12, 2022, nearly 50,000 wildfires have started and more than 6.5 million acres of land have been burned across the country this year, making 2022 the most active wildfire season in more than 10 years (NIFC). The fire season is continuing to be steady with 21 large uncontained fires in the U.S., a 50% increase in large uncontained fires in the past week (CDP).

Hawaii as well as parts of the Northwest, Oklahoma, and the Northeast are estimated to have above normal significant wildland fire potential this month (NOAA). Overall, we are currently in National Preparedness Level 4, meaning much of the country is experiencing wildfire activity and more than half of the nation’s wildland firefighting resources are committed (NIFC).

Some notable fires thus far have been:

Date of event: September 12, 2022


While it is difficult to summarize the full impact of the 2022 wildfires since the year is not quite over, in California alone the impact has been:

(Further information and statistics will be updated as they come in.)

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