The Biden Administration Blueprint for Immigration Reform

With the election of a new Administration in January, 2021 came a government effort to reform the U.S. immigration system. The first six months of the Biden-Harris Administration has focused on creating orderly, fair, and humane immigration enforcement to provide a better path to citizenship while effectively managing border security.  The White House recently released Fact Sheet: The Biden Administration Blueprint for a Fair, Orderly and Humane Immigration System, which outlines this Administration’s goals by addressing the fundamental causes for migration from Central America, securing the border, and  providing careful consideration to asylum claims.

The document highlights several main points needed to strengthen the immigration system:

  • Ensuring a secure, humane and well-managed border
  • Implementing orderly and fair processing of asylum applications
  • Strengthening collaborative migration management with regional partners
  • Investing in Central America to address the root causes of migration

Although President Biden’s executive authority will implement significant parts of this reform effort, it is critical that legislation be sent to Congress to achieve an immigration system that reunites families, creates a path to citizenship for those already living and working in the United States, and gives businesses access to a workforce with full labor rights.

The American public supports a path to citizenship and a fair and efficient legal immigration system that welcomes talent from around the globe and allows families to reunite and make a life in our country.”

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