Terrorist 2.0 – Terrorist Commandos


A new classification for a terrorist has entered our lexicon – “terrorist commandos.”

When the word “terrorist” comes to mind, some may think of guerilla-style warfare containing fast-moving attacks. However, recent attacks: Mumbai (2008), Nairobi (2013), Paris (November 2015), and Brussels (March 2016) have displayed an organized and well-trained form of terrorism focused on the urban environment. Terrorist “organizations” like al-Shabaab, Islamic State (IS), and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), are showing that their methods of attacks have “upgraded” to a new tier of terrorism.

This report (Cities Under Siege: Mass Casualty Urban Terrorism Assaults), written by Professor Ahmed S. Hashim from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, dives into the past attacks to find reasons, methods and characteristics of these urban attacks as well as the responses from that country’s government, and the consequences (or fallouts) of the attacks previously listed (excluding Belgium due to the time this study was conducted).

The Islamic State has been the focal point of this kind of operation. Professor Hashim points out that  terrorist organizations (like IS) have an “External Operations Department” which plans and carries out attacks like the one in Paris. Professor Hashim goes on by stating that this “department” has different “sections” (planners, bomb-makers, financiers, and combat units (suicide and/or assault); in short, the tactics of terrorism has become more organized than before, and bringing the battlefield to the urban population.

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