Terror Threat Snapshot: November 2016

ISIS flag with Arabic logo and text in white and black backgroundThe House Homeland Security Committee released its Terror Threat Snapshot for November 2016, detailing domestic and foreign threats to the United States, especially ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria]. ISIS continues to plot against the United States and its allies. Approximately 42,900 fighters from at least 120 countries have traveled to Syria and Iraq since 2011. “At least 34 Islamist extremist groups have pledged their allegiance to ISIS. ISIS, its affiliates, and supporting groups have operated in approximately two dozen countries or territories, [and have] established eight official branches.”

Some notable takeaways from this month’s Terror Threat Snapshot:

  • ISIS’ message continues to resonate with American citizens as more extremists plot attacks on American soil and attempt to travel overseas to join the terror group.
  • ISIS has targeted the West at an alarming rate, marked by a recent surge in ISIS-linked plots to attack U.S. and allied interests abroad.
  • ISIS and al Qaeda continue to take advantage of safe havens to consolidate their power and territory, as well as plan attacks.
  • The threat of the “terrorist diaspora” to the West will continue to grow, particularly as fighters flee from recent offensives in Mosul and Raqqa.
  • Iran continues to take aggressive steps to threaten US interests at home and abroad, particularly in the Gulf.
  • Guantanamo Bay detainees are continuing to return to the flight to replenish the ranks of jihadist organizations.

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