Terror Threat Snapshot: New Year, Same Story

Though early into 2016, Terrorism has already impacted the new year. Recent attacks, such as the officer shooting in Philadelphia, explosions in Jakarta, and a suicide bombing in Istanbul, demonstrate that few changes are in store for 2016 when it comes to the use of terror as a strategy. With a new President being elected this year, data and facts are necessary for evaluating potential national security policies by the candidates.

Among the many tools the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) provides to its readers, the Terror Threat Snapshot is a great source for statistics related to terrorist activities.  The “snapshot” is a monthly assessment of the threat of Islamist terrorist throughout the world.  The Homeland Security Committee, which provides oversight for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, recently released the new Terror Threat Snapshot for January. In this assessment, several key points stand out:

  • ISIS’ global terror campaign in 2015 resulted in the deadliest Islamist terror attacks in America since 9/11 and in Europe since 2004.
  • Islamist terrorists have been attempting to infiltrate the United States as authorities have uncovered jihadists who were resettled in America through the refugee resettlement program.
  • The United States faces an unprecedented terror threat level at home due to the continued failure to destroy ISIS.
  • Sanctuaries for terror recruits are expanding as ISIS and al Qaeda have gone on the offensive.
  • Foreign fighters are returning from jihadist battlefields in Syria and plotting attacks in the West.
  • Terror detainees released from Guantanamo are continuing to rejoin the fight.
  • The Iranian regime’s unchecked aggression has escalated as it prepares to reap the windfall from impending sanctions relief.

As we move into this election year filled with new ideas, policies, and agendas, it is vital to distinguish fact from fiction. The HSDL can help through a variety of resources pertaining to Domestic Terrorism, Suicide Bombers, and Border Security. (some documents may require HSDL login).

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