Terror Threat Snapshot: June Edition

On June 19, 2015, The House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security released the June edition of the Terror Threat Snapshot, a monthly newsletter regarding terrorism. This month’s edition focused on: “ISIS Linked Plots Against Western Targets”; “Homegrown Terror Plots”; “Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq”; and “Isis Propaganda.” This newsletter provides two different “lenses” for the viewer to obtain the information posted in the newsletter. The first “lens” consists of illustrations (graphs) that act like a briefing; its effect does point out the key takeaways of the newsletter. The second “lens” provides detailed information of the topics that were illustrated.

Chairman McCaul (of the Committee on Homeland Security) made an announcement on the release of the new edition, stating: “Terror threats to the U.S. homeland have reached unprecedented levels. There have been 116 homegrown jihadist plots in America since 9/11— more than half of those have occurred in just the past three years. Violent Extremism is going viral, but our response to it is moving at bureaucratic, sluggish speed. It is time for President Obama to admit that—in this new age of peer-to-peer terror—we need a real strategy to combat radicalization at home and destroy extremist safe havens abroad.”

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