Terror Gone Viral :Overview of the 75 ISIS-Linked Plots Against the West

Since 2014, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has plotted 75 attacks against the West.  Whether simply inspired by ISIS ideology and carried out by lone actors or centrally organized and directed ISIS leadership, plots have grown increasingly frequent and more violent.  In “Terror Gone Viral”, the House Homeland Security Committee highlights several alarming trends among ISIS-linked plots against the West

  • The United States remains the #1 target of ISIS-linked plots.
    Out of 75 attacks from 2014 to present, one out of every three (or 27 total) were against the United States or its interests overseas.
  • ISIS-linked plots have grown exponentially more deadly in the past two years.
    While each ISIS attack between July and December 2014 killed one person on average, each ISIS attack between July and December 2015 killed an average of 30.
  • ISIS-linked plots favor high-tech communications.
    ISIS’ use of encryption technologies continues to prevent detection and investigation by law enforcement both before and after attacks.
  • ISIS-linked plots favor low-tech weapons.
    Two out of every three ISIS plots involve easily attainable small arms, such as handguns and knives.

A number of other factors have remained constant throughout the past two years.  ISIS-linked suspects are overwhelmingly military-age males, and many are returning foreign fighters.  To access the full report, which includes a detailed timeline of all 75 attacks in the West, as well as additional resources on domestic terrorism, please visit the Homeland Security Digital Library (some resources may require login).


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