Taking Back Control: Rockefeller Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Plan

This image provides a close-up of a gloved hand holding a COVID-19 test, noting a negative result on both the test itself and on paperwork behind itThe Rockefeller Foundation has released Taking Back Control: a Resetting to America’s Response to Covid-19, an urgent plea for the United States to do more “to slow the catastrophic spread of Covid-19.”  Although vaccinations are now being released, the report argues that “The country cannot afford another six months of paralysis with schools and businesses widely shuttered while vaccines are manufactured and distributed,” and encourages that we focus on building up our testing capacity, using it as a proactive tool rather than a reactive one.

The report suggests establishing Covid-19 rapid testing in schools, noting that the limited amount of vaccinations available will first be administered to first responders and the elderly, giving them some protection; therefore, we should pivot our attention to the “other end of the spectrum,” children who tend to more likely be asymptomatic carriers.  Testing regularly in schools will allow for more containment, and help bring stability back to our economy: “A fully reopened K-12 school system should be the hallmark of the American return to social and economic health.”  Provided further in the report is an in-depth analysis and guided plans to bring this proposal to fruition.

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