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Beyond “Ban” or “No-Ban”: Responding to Online Extremism

The Henry Jackson Society’s Centre on Radicalisation & Terrorism has released a report exploring freedom of speech, online extremist content, and regulation by technology companies. The report emphasizes the balancing act of respecting civil liberties, while simultaneously acknowledging the need to police online content in the interest of public safety....

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Legal Aspects of Social Media Extremism

The Program on Extremism at the George Washington University (GW) released additional papers on Online Violent Extremism as a part of the Legal Perspectives on Tech Series, commissioned in conjunction with the Congressional Counterterrorism Caucus. According to GW, the Program “provides analysis on issues related to violent and non-violent extremism.”...

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Three New Papers on Online Violent Extremism from the Program on Extremism

The George Washington University Program on Extremism released three new papers on Online Violent Extremism. All deal with the complicated issue of determining and assigning who bears the legal and moral onus of countering online terrorism. “Leveraging CDA 230 to Counter Online Extremism” by Annemarie Bridy argues “that the scope...