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Drawing of young man in a teal hoodie at a desk spray painting a surveillance camera as he works on his laptop while another man at a desk sweats as he looks at an eye on the computer screen with a man behind him starting over a wall at his screen

Three New Papers on Online Violent Extremism from the Program on Extremism

The George Washington University Program on Extremism released three new papers on Online Violent Extremism. All deal with the complicated issue of determining and assigning who bears the legal and moral onus of countering online terrorism. “Leveraging CDA 230 to Counter Online Extremism” by Annemarie Bridy argues “that the scope...

Black automatic assault rifle against a colorful background riddled with bullet holes while the red section of the background "bleeds"

Tracking Gun Violence in America (2019)

The Gun Violence Archive, an online database started in 2013, compiles information on gun violence and provides up-to-date statistics on all gun-related incidents in the United States (omitting suicide). A real-time, quick-access chart on the homepage includes links to total number of incidents (33,510 as of August 7, 2019), number...